Deep Week Bali with Alexey Molchanov and Adam Stern


August 18 in a remote village on Bali a great educational project made by freedivers for freedivers begins. This time Deep Week includes 3 different courses for different levels and aims. Join!


Deep Week Bali

August 18-25

Improve your diving with current world champion and world record holder Alexey Molchanov, who can dive to an incredible depth of 129 m, and with 5x Aussie record holder and 104m diver Adam Stern.

Join the world top freedivers for 8 days training in Amed, Bali on August 18-25. Deep Week brings the best freedivers, freediving instructors and freediving experts from all over the world to one place where they share knowledge and maximize learning. No other freediving camp is able to offer this level of experience and expertise.

The training is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner all the way to professional. This camp is individually focused so you can get the most out of your freediving training. Everyone dives for their own reasons, which is why we bring instructors of all different specialties to work with you on your particular goals.

If you do not have any previous freediving certification you will be able to complete freediving course from 1st to 4th wave according to Molchanovs system.

Molchanovs instructor course

August 26 – September 4

If you have a freediving certification of 4th wave according to Molchanovs system (or if you just get it during Deep Week Bali) and you are looking for something more, so, especially for you 26 August – 4 September the first abroad Molchanovs instructor course is taking place in Amed, Bali. After this course, you will be aware of the Molchanovs educational system and will be able officially to teach according to these high standards.

Molchanovs instructor crossover

August 26-29

If you have a qualifying instructor certificate of any of existing freediving school (AIDA, PADI, SSI, Apnea Academia, etc.) but you would like to prove your professional skills with Molchanovs qualification, so for you we organize a crossover, which takes place 26-29 August 2018 also in Amed, Bali.

Join the Molchanovs team and dive with us!

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Organizational information


Amed is a small diving town in northeastern Bali, about a three-hour drive from Denpasar airport. You can get a taxi from the airport to your hotel in Amed for about 500 000 IDR, roughly 35 euro.

Accommodation in Amed is plentiful! There are nice bungalows and rooms up and down the long stretch of beach. Prices range is from 7 to 35 euro per night. For 14 euro per night you can get a nice private room with air conditioning, private bathroom, and a queen size bed. A full list of accommodation near the dive center will be provided upon booking. But here is a list that you can check out on google just to get you started.

Budget 7-14 euro per night for a person.

  • Pacha hostel
  • Dharma Yoga
  • Sunrise café & bungalows
  • Warung Pantai
  • Teman Teman
  • Geria Geri Shanti

Mid-range 20-25 euro per night for a person.

  • Pakel’s Villas
  • Amed Cafe
  • Pondok Laut
  • Kembali beach bungalows
  • Ganesha
  • Jukung Bali

High end 40 euro+ per night.

  • Casa de Amed
  • Villa Disana
  • Life in Amed
  • The Griya
  • Santai

We can also arrange a transfer to/from airport for you.

Deep Week Bali1.jpg

Timetable for Deep Week course

Every day our instructors will hold a variety of workshop on different freediving topics. You are welcome to attend as many or as few activities as you like and choose which workshops to attend based on your interests.

During the workshop times, there will be three different workshops which will run simultaneously and you can choose one of them. A daily schedule will look similar to the below

  • 7 am Yoga
  • 8.30 am Workshops
  • 10.30 am Depth Training
  • 3.00 pm Workshops and Dry training
  • 5.30 pm Yoga or Strength & Conditioning

During days free of deep training there is a possibility for fun-freediving.

Wreck Diving

There are three stunning wrecks in the area: the USAT Liberty wreck, the KUBU wreck, and Japanese wreck. As well as there are stunning coral reefs and beautiful blue water with 20-30 m visibility.

Deep Week Bali5.jpg

Day trips and activities

Manta trip
Just a short drive and boat ride from Amed there is Nusa Penida, one of the best places on the Earth to dive with manta rays. The trip costs about 72 euro per person.

Deep Week Bali7.jpg

Bluewater spearfishing
Fusion Spearfishing offers spearfishing to the numerous Rumpongs (fish aggregating devices) not far from Amed.

Diving conditions

  • tempreture on suface: +27°C +29°C;
  • no thermocline;
  • no ocean currents;
  • diving from the shore;
  • maximum depth 50 m.

Required gear

  • mask;
  • 1,5 or 3 mm wetsuit;
  • a pair bifins or a monofin;
  • weightbelt;
  • weights;
  • lanyards.

Additional stuff

  • coral shoes;
  • raincoats;
  • repellent.

There is the special discount for purchasing Molchanovs equipment on Molchanovs website for students who have booked a place on a course.

Cost of participation

  • The cost of participation in Deep Week Bali (18-25 August 2018) is 649 euro per person. The course is suitable for everyone.
  • The cost of participation in Molchanovs instructor course (26 August – 4 September 2018) is 850 euro per person. The course is for freedivers of the 4th wave according to Molchanovs system.
  • The cost of participation in Molchanovs instructor crossover (26-29 August 2018) is 430 euro per person. The course is for instructors who are qualified by any of existing freediving school (AIDA, PADI, SSI, Apnea Academia, etc.).

The price includes all theoretical education, training and certification costs.

The price doesn’t include following costs:

  • travel,
  • accommodation,
  • meals,
  • gear hire.

To ensure your booking nonrefundable deposit is required:

  • for Deep Week Bali the deposit is 160 euro,
  • for Molchanovs instructor course the deposit is 200 euro,
  • for Molchanovs instructor crossover the deposit is 100 euro.

The rest of the amount should be paid not later than one month before the beginning of the course.

Payment options

You may register and pay for any of the three courses offered above on our webpage


If you have any questions or need additional information, please, contact us by email: