Russian Open Individual AIDA pool Championship 2018 in honor of Natalia Molchanova

Russian Open Individual AIDA pool Championship 2018 in honor of Natalia Molchanova this year starts 19 April. Competition takes place 20-22 April in the swimming pool of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE). Registration of athletes has been already started.

Partner of the competition

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Sponsors of the competition

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The online list of registered athletes.

We would like to ask managers of freediving clubs who send athletes to the Championship provide us the following information about their clubs:

  • Country and city.
  • Manager.
  • How many members are in a club?
  • Top athletes.
  • Coaches.
  • Interesting events in the club which are planned for 2018.
  • Any important and interesting facts about your club.

Please, email to: The information will be used for more detailed announcement of athletes.

Terms and conditions of the Championship

1. Managing of the event.

Association of freedivers “Freediving Federation” implements general organization and managing of the Championship. The main judge of the Championship is Ekaterina Romanova (AI category).

2. Terms and address.

  • Registration: 19 April 2018.
  • Dates of the competition: 20-22 April 2018.
  • Address: Russia, Moscow, Sireneviy bulvar, 2, building 1B.

3. Schedule of the Championship.

19 April (Thursday) – day 1.

  • 18:00 – briefing and registration of athletes competing in all three disciplines in the swimming pool of SCOLIPE.

20 April (Friday) – day 2.

  • 11:30 – STA.
  • 18:00 – briefing and registration of athletes competing in two disciplines in the swimming pool of SCOLIPE.

21 April (Saturday) – day 3.

  • 11:30 – DNF.

22 April (Sunday) – day 4.

  • 11:30 – DYN.

About the way of start-list forming
Freediving Federation will form start-list of Russian Open Individual AIDA pool Championship 2018 in memory of Natalia Molchanova according to the results of previous year based on AIDA rating. The participants who aren’t in rating will perform in the beginning, their turn will be defined by draw.

4. Participants of the event.

Competitions are individual for athletes older then 18. Because of the fact that the Championship is open results of all athletes can be included into the international AIDA ratings.

Pay attention!
To be in the international AIDA rating you should be an active member of AIDA National in your country.

5. Determination of athletes and awards.

The winner of the Championship is the athlete who got the maximum score in three disciplines. If several athletes get equal scores, privileged will be that one whose announced result is closer to the performed one.

The participants, who get I, II and III places, will be rewarded with medals and valuable prize.

6. Financial conditions.

  • Before 18 April 2018 the fee for the participation in the Championship is 50 euro.
  • After 18 April 2018 the fee for the participation in the Championship is 80 euro.

Cost of participation, accommodation and transport are at the expenses of athletes or their clubs.

Hotel «Izmaylovo» is the most comfortable accommodation for the athletes because of close location to the pool where the Championship takes place.

Freediving Federation provides all necessary gear and equipment and organizes opening and closing ceremony of the Championship.

7. Terms and rules of registration forms application.

Attention! For the video broadcast we need your portrait photo not smaller then 800x800 (72dpi) in jpg. or png. format. The size should not exceed 10Mb. The name of the file should consist of a name and surname of athlete. The example of a correct photo:

Molchanov Alexey.png
Molchanov Alexey.png

Preliminary registration forms are accepted until 18 April online:

Personal registration form and medical certificate should be applied in Main judge board 19 April 2018 (the registration day) at 6 pm at the address: Moscow, Sireneviy bulvar, 2. You should have your passport with you.

The registration is estimated to be concluded after the payment of the participation fee.

The participation fee should be paid by a bank transfer using the following bank details: Beneficiary: Alexey Molchanov Olegovich,
Beneficiary address: Ul. Lobachevskogo 82-9, Moscow, Russia
Usd account 40817840204980044020
Eur account 40817978804140007700
Beneficiary bank: AO "Alfa-Bank", Moscow, Russia
Bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya street, 107078

Please, notice that any Russian banks don’t have IBAN number, so choose recipient's currency RUB, and the system will not ask IBAN.

If you have money transfer problem or the bank demands too high fee, you may try TransferWise using the following information (option with email):
Email :
Name: Алексей (copy past in Cyrillic)
Surname: Молчанов (copy past in Cyrillic)
Patronymic name: Олегович (copy past in Cyrillic)
Address: Russia, Moscow ul Suvorovskaya 10 apt 4
Postal code: 107023
Bank account: 40817810004140033140
BIK: 044525593

As soon as the payment is done, please, send the payment receipt to and write in purpose of payment your surname and abbreviation RC2018.

The information about the Championship in Russian you may find here: Открытый чемпионат России по фридайвингу 2018 им. Натальи Молчановой